J'ai trop mangé de chocolat
Les Merveilles de Chine
Anne O Zamour
Portfolio - Arts
Parrainer la croissance
Caisse d'Épargne
Portfolio - Arts
Made In Blonde
La Fourchette
Les Nomades Comptemporains

J'ai trop mangé de chocolatI Wordpress blog

Creation, development, webdesign and SEO of the culinary blog "J'ai trop mangé de chocolat" ("I ate too much chocolate"), with Wordpress. 2011.


Trolling l Wordpress blog

Creation, development, webdesign and SEO of the blog trolling.fr with Wordpress. Author and editor. 2011.


Les Merveilles de Chine I Showcase site

Creation, development, webdesign and SEO of the website for the restaurant "Les merveilles de Chine" with HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

Anne O Zamour I E-commerce site

Webdesign and ergonomics of the e-commerce site "Anne O Zamour". 2011.

Portfolio I Creative arts

Development of a creative arts portfolio with Flash ActionScript 2. 2007.

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Tweetbeat I API Twitter

Development of a Twitter network mood ranking tool. The website brings up a rank and an average of the most happiest contacts. This is a school projet initiated for Paris 8 University in "Création et Édition Numérique"(Master's degree). Developped with javaScript and PHP. 2011.

Parrainer la croissance I Institutional site

Webdesign and ergonomics of the website "Parrainer la croissance". 2010.


Comptoirs du multimédia I Intranet

Webdesign and ergonomics of an Intranet site featuring the "Comptoirs du Multimédia" agency creations, developped for the "Caisse d'Épargne" bank. 2011.

Portfolio I Industrial design

Creation of an industrial design portfolio with Flash ActionScript 2. 2010.

Made In Blonde I Showcase site

Creation, development, webdesign and SEO of a site intended to the fashion photographer agency "Made In Blonde" with Joomla. 2009.

La Fourchette I Mock-up

Webdesign and ergonomics of a culinary website. This is a creative arts school projet. 2010.

Les Nomades Comptemporains I Photography

Creation, development and webdesign of a photography website, a school project initiated for Paris 8 University in bachelor's degree. 2008.

HTML/CSS I javaScript/jQuery
I Wordpress I Flash

Animations, banners
I Adobe Flash

BNP Paribas

Webdesign works for "BNP Paribas Brand, Communications & Quality (MCQ)" and "BNP Retail Banking (DMS)", especially for the launch of the new webites BNP El Djazaïr, UBCI and Guadeloupe.

Graphic design
I Various projects

Short film
I stop-motion "Da Bird"

The project

This short film has been shoot for my master's degree in Paris 8 University.
This is intended to validate the rich-media course using the technical skills learned during this course. This short movie was shooted entirely in stop-motion using a Canon 450D camera, with a 50mm 1.8 fixed-focus lens, a 11-16mm 2.8 wide-angle lens, as well as my little hands to folding paper and animating an origami bird. The music was also composed by myself for the project using a MIDI keyboard and a music composer software.

The story :

An origami bird attacks an inspiration less writer.

Technical :

Canon 450D camera
Canon 50mm 1.8 fixed-focus lens
Tokina 11-16mm 2.8 wide-angle lens
Cullmann Magnesit 525 M tripod
Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
Casio PRIVIA PX-730BK digital piano
FL Studio 9

I gallery


With my graphic design expertise and IT culture, I am working to find the best solutions matching Internet users intents, while ensuring that current creative trends remain an absolute priority. Therefore I am looking for great experiences to explore new ways to consider how to design modern websites, to think about how ergonomics should be structured.

Educational background

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